Sunday, November 30, 2008

Part 1 of MTV Jam. Hope you like it. My brother is on Organ and Piano.


Part 2. This was a jam session for MTV at my brothers New York production studios "Headroom".



Morning all. Well, I have to admit, Bama' kicked butt last night! Auburn looked like a bunch of High School kids running around around out there.
We expect heavy rain today. Matter of fact it's pouring now. We need it.
Rebecca is still sleeping (10am.) I'm watching Sportscenter getting ready for the NFL. (Rams/Dolphins & Denver/Jets.)
All the leftovers are gone. The dogs made sure of that! I'm still full with turkey and ham!
A special note to Nancy: your Cinnamon Ice Cream was outrageously good! Thanks for finishing off a perfect meal!
Time for breakfast. Something light. Bagel and Cream Cheese sounds OK.
My love to all and many hugs! Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday.
Peace and Love

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hi all! Welcome home James! Hope you had a great trip! Glad to hear you brought home sand.... Lord knows we don't have enough in Florida!
Carol: My E-mail address is my Birthday. Mark CP 1/21/48. I'll be an old fart of 61 soon. I'm all ready yelling at kids to get off my lawn! : ) Don't worry about about not liking Jimmy Buffett. He's and acquired taste, like brussel sprouts.
My neighbor received 6 months probation for growing his herb in his backyard shed. I guess it was a good thing one of his "clients" was the Judges son. There is an old Floridian saying down here: "come on vacation, leave on probation."
Nothing else really to report. I'm going out and walk my dogs then watch football.
Big hugs to all! May the light of the Lord shine on you all day!
Peace and Love
Mark & Rebecca

Friday, November 28, 2008


Morning all. We had a great day yesterday, hope everyone did.
So my cousin and I got into this music decision. Sure, we all have favorite songs that we won't admit to. But when we are alone in the car or home, we crank it up to ten and rock out. These are my 10 songs, NOT albums. No right or wrong. I guess you can see I'm bored today:
Bye Bye Miss American Pie ... Don McClain
A Pirate Looks At 40 ... Jimmy Buffett
A Day In The Life .... Beatles
Moondance .... Van Morrison
The Boxer .... Simon and Garfunkel
Maybe I'm Amazed ... McCartney
In My Life ... Beatles
Symphony For The Devil .... Stones
Maggie's Farm .... Dylan
Street Fighting Man .... Stones

I guess I'm stuck in the 60's and 70's. Burger/French Fries with Gravy. Chocolate Malts, Grilled Cheese with Bacon. Real Southern Fried Chicken.
Hoping all have a great and blessed day!
Peace and Love

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day #2

7:00 PM and still going strong. Picking at the ham bone and getting ready for the Apple Pie. My belt is loose, a Jimmy Buffett CD is playing, and everybody is smiling. The food was great!
Carol: I stopped by your Blog and I am flattered. Thank you so very much for the kind words. I hope one day we could all meet. That would be a great hug-fest.
Peace and a full stomach to all!
Mark & Rebecca

Turkey Day

Morning all! Happy Thanksgiving! May the lord watch over you and give us all peace and happiness. Especially"the forgotten"; those under bridges and living in cardboard boxes.
So, I wake up, take a shower and immediately fall right on my butt and head! It was a pretty bad fall and had to talk Rebecca out of calling the Ambulance.I'm not going to miss this Thanksgiving for nothing! I have a piece of Dutch Apple Pie with my name on it! : ) Nancy is making some home made Cinnamon Ice Cream which will go great with the pie.
To James and Kevin in Madrid: have a great time today!
To Jen: Scarlet seems to be a fun person. Any friend of of yours is a friend of mine. She has an open invitation to visit.
Well, that's about it from this side of the lake. You are all in my prayers and thoughts.
Peace and Love to all
Mark & Rebecca

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Morning all! Running around the house today getting ready for tomorrow. I prey the pain stays away. I want a good day for all. We got everything from the Turkey and Ham to the Mashed Potatoes and Pumpkin Pie.
Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed day. ENJOY!
Peace and Love to all

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Now It's Tuesday!

A new blogger from Miami! I lived there for 15 years. North Miami Beach (Eastern Shores) by the the 163 St. Bridge. My cousin lives in Surf side. I moved to Naples because Miami was becoming too crowded. Like New York City with Palm Trees. I must admit, I do miss the Rascal House on 183 & Collins. A great Deli.
Today I'm taking it easy. Put on a movie or listen to some music. Just mellow.
To all my friends out there, have a blessed day with much Love and Hugs from Rebecca and myself. We love you all dearly.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tuesday Morning ????

Rebecca is looking over my shoulder and just told me it was Monday Night, not Tuesday Morning. I wonered why it was so dark outside.
We had no Internet today. They were "upgrading", which in Florida, a drunk hit a utility pole and blocked out half the city. More tomorrow.
Peace and Love to all Mark

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Evening

Rebecca here - been a while since I have been here - very wonderful to say that. It is so wonderful that Mark is feeling so much better that I can just sit back and watch. I want all of you to know something. I believe in the power of prayer. I truly believe that all of the prayers all of you have been sending heavenward on Mark's behalf have reached God's ears. I wish you could see the difference. In his physical appearance and his emotional state. Like I have said before, all things happen for a reason. That horrific Friday morning has allowed the right medical changes to be made and now, I have so much more of my beloved husband back. Actually, he's annoying with all the energy he has. He's been scurrying around, cleaning out drawers, moving his office stuff around, fiddling with the electronics in here, installing new computer stuff - - - he exhausts me. The only thing I do is encourage him not to overdo - but, the fact that he isn't just sitting in the bedroom, staring at the tv is miraculous. Thank all of you again. You are our little cyber family and we love you.

Good Morning all! What a beautiful day! The nights are cool and the days warm and sunny. Rebecca came back from the beauty parlour looking as beautiful as ever. We had the pleasure of Nancy stopping over last night to say hello. Always nice to see her. I have no idea what to do today. I found my original 1969 Woodstock poster laying around in my garage. I thought after 2 years, I would hang it up along with some other 60's memorabilia.

Sorry about about the Bulldogs Jen.Today, mostly football and reading the New York Times. Rebecca loves the book reviews. I'm in the mood for some coffee and a cheese omelet. Have a blessed day everyone. You're all in my prayers. Peace and love Mark

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Wow, slept until 1 PM. That's pretty late for me. Rebecca is gone. Hair day I believe. I try to encourage her to get out as much as possible. It's hard for me to get in and out of the car, etc. I just want her to enjoy her time off more.
My bucket list is dwindling down. One left. I'm trying to meet Jimmy Buffett. You would think it would be easy being in his "backyard", but the man is a ghost. So, if any of you have any ideas, feel free to chime in!
Nothing really new to report. Same ol' same ol'. My eyesight (left) is giving me trouble, but I cope with it the best I can. Going to go watch my football games and relax. I hope you all have a blessed day and keep the lord in your heart.
Peace and Love to all!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Yawn! On my first cup of coffee.
To Kaylee: There is an old saying: "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I know how very hard it is to do and easy to say. Try and fill your time with positive things. Some days it works, some not, but the idea is a secure one. There is nothing in the Bible or Constitution that guarantees (that I can find) that gives us any promise of happiness. We can pursue it, but there are no guarantees.That is our own responsibility to ourselves.
There are days I just want to sit in a corner in my closet and let the darkness of the room take over. It proves nothing and takes away precious time you have left.
Every morning (with my coffee #1) I turn to my wife's Bible. I just turn to a page at random and read. Today it was Isaiah 1:18. "...though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow..."I'm always here if you need to talk. You are never alone. All my dear writing buddies are here as I'm as sure The Lord is with us all.
Keep positive, keep your head up high and walk proud that you're in the hands of the lord.
Enough preaching. Time to feed my dogs and go for coffee #2.
May you all have a blessed day.
Peace and Love

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Good morning to all. Thank you for all the kind words concerning my video. I'll try again when I get up the nerve. No, I have no "twang" in my voice, after 30 + years on and off in the South. I grew up in Upstate New York (Monticello) and there was a mix of New York, Boston and a sprinkle of Vermont.
I could not have made the video without the encouragement of ALL OF YOU! Knowing I have a responsibility of something, anything to get my skinny butt out of bed and do something positive! No matter how small it seems to others. I love you all.
My nurse will be here in one hour, so I guess I'll go clean up and make myself presentable. I am wishing you all a wonderful, blessed day.
Peace and Love to all
Mark p.s: Rebecca send her love Love and many hugs!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Morning

Good morning! I'm still on my first cup of coffee, so please bear with me.
Yesterday was a stress free day with little pain.I hope today will be the same. The Mophine pump seems to be working fine and gives me the boost I need when the pain becomes a bit too strong.
I have tried to make a video today. I hope it works, please let me know! Well, it time to feed the dogs. Have a blessed day and Never give Up! Peace and Love to all! Mark

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Good morning all! My trusted dogs decided that it was way past my bedtime and woke me with slobbering kisses. It sounds like a beautiful thing, but it is just a gimmick to get me out of a warm bed so they can cover up and sleep better.
I have decided to swear off news for a while. Between the elections and hours upon hours of rhetoric, it just makes me sicker. I think I'll put on some music and go to the far side of the Moon.
Hoping all have a blessed day. You are all in my prayers and deep thoughts. I could not have done this without all of you. I wish you could feel my Love and Joy for each and everyone one of you!
Peace and Love to all

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday again.....

I wanted to share with all of you a very special person in my life.

I hope you get to know her.

Monday Afternon

Hello everyone! Well, I'm back for Hospice and feel pretty good right now. They changed my meds to Prozac, Librium, Oxycontin and a Morphine drip of 20 mg. every 3 hours by the port in my chest. Need a "boost?" hit a button.
TO JEN: You are an amazing woman! Even if you're a Bama" girl! Florida/Bama should be a heck of a fine game! Who ever wins, I'll be happy knowing you and I are enjoying something "together." It will be a nice "link" to you. Like a warm blanet on a cold night! If Bama wins, feel free to call me and rub it in! HA!
Rebecca brought me all the blogs printed out and I was floored by all the beautiful, positive emotions coming off each page. The timing could not have been better. I cried for hours (a good cry.) My Chaplin friend Lori Becker keeps telling me I have "Angels in my corner." After reading these blogs, I must agree with her. I wish I could express my feelings better. A BIG hug to each and everyone of you! You have become very important and special in my life.
I am going to lie down for awhile and catch up on my sleep.
Thank you. Thank you all for your Love and prayers.
Peace be with you all. Have a blessed day

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Evening

A good day. That's how I'll start this evening. Mark is doing much better. He is weak but he is fighting. He thinks he's coming home tomorrow. They gave me instruction this afternoon on how to monitor his medication pump. The nurse will start coming every other day to fill the pump and to check on him. I took Dixie to see him today. That made him happy. Then I took her to the doggie wash - not as pleasant an experience as was with Pepper. She usually loves water but fought me today. I was soaked, she was soaked - a good time was had by all! Ha Ha!
Thank you everybody for continuing to be there for us. We love you all!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hi Everybody! Today has been a good one. Mark is coming around nicely. He is astounded and touched by all the postings. I printed them out for him and he said for me to thank everybody, with a special thanks to Jen. He said to tell you that the response to his blog by all your friends has made his jaw drop! Thank you all -thank you all! I want to give great thanks to Nancy, who came over this evening and Rumba'd and Scoba'd our bedroom in anticipation of Mark's return. Those machines are unbelievable! She's a jewel of a friend. Oh, and she went with me to take Pepper, the german shepard, to the pet wash. That was an experience. Pepper is beautiful now and we've got three more to go. All of you have a great rest of the week end and I'll keep you up-dated. Mark is probably going to be there through Monday, but may come home sooner if he continues to progress well. He will come home with the morphine pump, as it seems to be working very well. His doctor is watching closely and is pleased so far. So then are we. Our love to you all! NEVER GIVE UP!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Evening

Where to begin - today was a scary, emotional rollercoaster. When I went in to check on Mark this morning, he told me that "he couldn't feel his face." He said he had lost all sensation around his left eye and his nose. I asked him to let me stay home with him, but he insisted he'd be ok until I got home. Around 10:30, he called me, crying, that the pain was excruciating and that he felt like his face was melting. I jumped in the car, racing home on the cell phone to Hospice. By the time I got home, the nurse and the social worker pulled in behind me. Mark was incoherent and kept asking if he was floating. He said he felt like he could fly. I was scared out of my mind. The pain was so intense that all he could do was cry and keep saying, "they promised me I wouldn't suffer." My heart was breaking. They called the ambulance and took him to the Hospice facility. He also was showing signs again of seizure activity. Once there, they gave him a hypo of valium to stop the seizure and immediately put him on a morphine pump. By the time the doctor made rounds this evening, Mark was sitting up, drank about a half-cup of tomato soup and was able to walk around on his own. The doctor was very frank with us. This could be a two-fold problem. They may find that his liver is no longer processing the morphine. If that's the case, they will wean him off and start him on some other pain medication. This could also be the tumor, advancing into a nerve center and setting off the seizures and the intense pain. They will have to assess how best to control the pain and we will go from there. They told us to expect him to be there about a week. He's taking it all fairly well. This morning was heart-wrenching and incredibly frightening for both of us. He felt that he slipped over his imaginary cliff. But, he still had his parachute. I am printing out all of the wonderful blog visits. His spirits will be lifted. Thank all of you so very much. You can not know how much it means to us both. I will keep you up-dated as I learn things, and hopefully, in about a week, Mark will write here for you. Peace and love to all of you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Night

How very special to see you here, Lori! You mean such a great deal to Mark and I. He asked me to write tonight. He has had a rough couple of days. He's been fairly irritable and I attribute that to the increase in the medications. The dogs, who worry so about him and run to him at his every move, are really almost more than anyone can handle. It's not their fault - they are concerned and don't know how else to show it. But four big dogs circling every time you try to go the bathroom or across the bedroom can be a bit much and I think it's starting to get to him. When I'm home, I try to keep them occupied, but there's no one here during the day to give them anything else to do but sit as closely as they can and get under foot. Mark's trying to sleep again now, so I'm going to watch tv out in the living room and that will give him some peace. We love you all and ask that you keep us in your prayers. I don't know if we would have made it so far with so much strength without all of you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi Ya'll! I'm up and "running" around again. The leg was a pain for a few days and I stayed in bed, not wanting to hear Rebecca say "Told ya so".
Jen, feel free to do whatever you wish. Just understand, I don't think of myself as some iconic figure. I'm just a scared man looking for as many hugs as I can get.
Kaylee, don't think about blogging or your emotions, just do it. Let it flow, positive or negitive. You won't be wrong if you're being honest.
You guys in the past few days have really helped me so very much (again)! Sometimes you need help looking at the whole forest and getting off you Butt and go forward.
More tomorrow. Thanks again guys!
Peace and Love

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Evening

Mark didn't feel up to posting today. He's been restless with his leg hurting. He hasn't slept well for the past few nights and tries to catch up on his sleep during the day. Today it seems, everybody and his brother felt the need to call between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., even though we've told everybody not to call then - that's when he tries to nap. So, he's going to try to go to sleep earlier than usual tonight. The leg looks better. I think it's on the mend. Our love to all of you. NEVER GIVE UP!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Morning

Hi all - Mark just called me - they delivered the wheelchair and he's doing ok with it. Seems it's a "black racing wheelchair." Yea, we'll see! He's in much better spirits about it today than yesterday. I read him all of your comments, and he wants me to thank Bev, Nancy, Carol & Travis for their kind and encouraging (and inspirational) words. You guys are the best. I'm sure that with another day's rest, he'll be back here tomorrow to up-date you himself. He can just wheel on over from the bedroom! Peace & Love!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Morning all! I have always been proud of the fact that I could control myself and my body. It seems to be a pipe dream again. The fall I took was a bad one and I guess you would call it a wake up call. This one really hurt my pride along with my body.I guess what bothers me the most is I had no control what so ever. None. It was less than a split second and I was down for the count.
One of the many things that keeps me going is (was) my ability to think in real time. "I am" never "I was". I never talk in past tense. "I can", never "I could". It's going to be harder to do that now. They will take X-rays today.
I know I am slipping, but it was something I could put in a bottom drawer and deal with quietly by myself. It seems those days are over. I slipped a bit further down that wet rope I am so desperately holding on to. It is so very hard on Rebecca.
I was always the one who provided. Who took the lead. Now, I must follow. Tomorrow I will be in a wheelchair.
Cancer is not only killing me, but slowly stripping me of my Manhood. Who I am. Or was. I must find a way out of this new funk. Any ideas would be helpful.
Peace and Love to all.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Morning

All the while my children were growing up, I used to tell them "everything happens for a reason" when they didn't like the turn of events or questioned a decision I was making. It was a convenient answer. Later on, when sad events happened in our lives, I used that axiom over and over to explain why things that made no sense occurred. As my life has progressed, I have found that off-hand statement to more and more true. I think God's hand is in every move we make, and we just don't give appropriate creedance to that. Thursday at work, I was fine until noon (Nancy, your phone call came around noon . . .ummmm lol), and then progressively I felt really really funky. By 5:00, I was miserable. So, when I was up most of the night sick, Mark said he would call in for me and that I needed to stay home. There was a reason for that. About 2:00 yesterday afternoon, I was laying on the couch, finishing a book and resting. Mark went through the living room to come in to the computer. I heard a mighty crash. I jumped up. Before I could make it in here, I heard another crash. He had fallen - first into the computer desk and then on to the floor, hitting his head on the door jam for the closet. Thankfully, no serious injury. His left knee is swollen and very painful and he has a bump on the left side of his head. But, this was a wake-up call. He says that all of a sudden, he just felt himself falling. I think his balance is getting much worse and his eyesight is probably a little dimmer than he really admits to me. Whatever the cause, he has now got decisions to make about supporting himself as he moves through the house. We have both a cane and walker here, and he will be using one of them from now on. I am thankful I was home. Had I been at work, he might have lain on the floor until I came home. He is so weak, I doubt he would have been able to get up. So, believe me when I say, everything does happen for a reason. I was sick - so I was home when he needed me. He's resting comfortably now. He's probably going to stay in bed most of the day. I do have to go out for some groceries but he promises to use something if he gets up and around. Keep the prayers coming - Somebody up there is listening! We love you! NEVER GIVE UP!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Morning all! Rebecca is sick again and spent the night hurling. Believe me, she is very low maintenance, but when she is sick, I do my best to take care of her.
To my blogging friends. If you wish to visit Florida, you have a place to stay with me! I would love to meet some of you, if not all! Just give me a call!
Just a quick note today. Going back inside with Rebecca.
Peace and Love to all!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Morning all! I'm feeling OK and although my eyes are hurting me, I'll make it though this blog!
To Kaylee! Glad your coming home soon! You're going to go through some changes and if you need to talk or e-mail me direct, I'm here for you always! A BIG hug to you!
I promised my doggies I would take them on a walk. It's about 65 outside and nice walking weather. To all my friends out there: have a blessed day.
Peace and Love to all!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After the Election!

Whoooo - what a night last night. Are we glad Obama won - yes! More though, are we glad the Democrats won - OH YEA! The significance of the first African American in the White House is not lost on us, but it is more personally significant that we have now in place the real hope for change and correction in the government of our country. We, as a nation, would have been further devasted as a world power and world ecomonic leader under four more years of the now-proven failed policies of the Republicans. I admire John McCain. He has given more for his country than most of its citizens will ever be called upon to give. However, he was no more a proven leader in the types of problems we are facing than is Obama. His alignments were just too close to the status quo and that, we can not survive. So - again - What a Night!

Mark is resting today. His poor eyes are just too much and staying up until midnight was a little more than he should have done, but he wouldn't have missed it. I'm sure he'll post tomorrow and up-date you. His nurse came yesterday and she was somewhat pleased about his leveling off from the pain and nausea. He did have a few bouts yesterday of nausea, but they seem to be further apart. We send all of you our love and wish for peace! NEVER GIVE UP!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Morning all! This is not going to be long. I'm having trouble with my eyes the last few days. I can't focus very well. Everything is fuzzy. Other than that, I feel pretty good today. Rebecca is fine. Still sleeping.
Today is Vote Day! A new page is turned, for good or bad. Only time and the Lord knows for sure. This is the last time I'll be voting and hope my guy can pull it out! My nurse comes this morning. I got to take a shower.
Peace and Love to all

Monday, November 3, 2008


Morning all! So, the landlord finally called and will be here tomorrow. We took this house with the option to buy 2 years ago. Mainly because the house was so old (25 years) I thought that things will go wrong and break down. I wanted to see where and what broke before investing my last savings on a lemon of a home. I guess it really doesn't matter, because Rebecca loves it here. We will pick up the option in January. It's a 2 bedroom home on 5 acres. I just do not want it to be too much for Rebecca to handle on her own. She is strong and I'm certain now she will handle it.
1 more day! VOTE!!!!!!
Peace and Love to all! Mark

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Evening

Hi all - Mark had a nice, quiet day. His eyes are still kinda blurry, so he asked me to let you all know he's doing ok but decided he'd give the eyes a rest from the computer screen. He's in the bedroom now, watching the end of the Dolphins game and eating . . .are you ready for this???? Black Raspberry ice cream. Ummmm, sounds like a good day to me. I had a nice day too. I made two loaves of Rachel's Honey Bread. It's Mark's cousin's wife's mother's (that's a mouthful) recipe. I gave a loaf to our wonderful neighbor and his wife. He came over last weekend and mowed my front yard for me. Our landlord is becoming more and more scarce when there are problems. I have been asking for two months for him to fix the lawn mower so I could control the jungle but he only shows up for the rent check and always has something to rush off to. So, I called him yesterday and left a message that the rent money was going to be at the house and he'd have to come here to get it. Let's see if that motivates him. Also, we have been having major problems with water pressure (or lack thereof) so he needs to look at the water pump too. Keep your fingers crossed. Taking a shower in a drizzle of water has not been fun. Love and peace to you all!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Morning. Rebecca is sawing wood. Out like a light! I hope she sleeps all day.
I don't have much to say today. No pearls of wisdom. Just thought I'd sit here, put on my headphones and dissapear into the sounds of the 60's. When I feel weird, I listen to Leon Redbone or Tom Waites. Love there voices.
Have a great weekend!
Peace and Love to everyone! Mark